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LNG Export Capacity Expected To Grow By Half

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2015
  • Posted By Unknown

The best scenario for US natural gas producers would be a strong increase in demand—and that would be mainly from abroad. For some years now, gas producers have been anticipating the US beginning its permanent transition from a net importer of natural gas to a net exporter with the revival of LNG exports. But new LNG exports starting as early as this year would put net LNG exports at a mere 82 MMcfd, growing to only 1.9 Bcfd by 2017, when the US becomes an overall net exporter of natural gas, including pipeline exports., according to RigData’s RADAR Report. At best, net exports would equal only 9% of projected US gas production by 2020. Meantime, global LNG export capacity is expected to grow by almost half by 2020, and contracts are already being renegotiated by non-US suppliers in light of the oil price collapse eroding the arbitrage advantage once presumed for Henry Hub-linked US LNG export prices vs. non-US LNG supplies tied to high oil prices. The window is narrowing quickly for any US advantage.





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