Wellscape P2P

Wellscape P2P is a dataset that allows you to create a comprehensive and panoramic view of oil & gas drilling activity in the US and the resulting production -both current and future – to identify opportunities created by drilled but uncompleted wells (DUC). 

Using current and historical permitting and drilling activity data in Wellscape P2P you can identify an operator’s intent to drill with an array of early indicators including: operator, play, or location. And most importantly, for the DUC: when completion and production is most likely to occur.

Additional benefits of Wellscape P2P:


  • Determine drilling activity status and completion indicators
  • Develop useful business indicators 
  • Create insight into producing wells
  • Analyze data for your needs
  • Identify false positives (i.e, plugged & abandoned wells)
  • Build data-backed trends and develop action plans
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