Wellscape GIS

Map your next play with Wellscape GIS, our ESRI-configured, preformatted, cartographic data collection of spatially-enabled current activities by asset.  With Wellscape GIS you can quickly compare operators, play development, formation exploitation and area saturation on a single interactive, multi-layered map. See current status in stages: permit, active drill, ready for completion, or ongoing production. 
Drill down layer by layer, region by region. Build a visual or develop an XLS export and filter to compare operators, play development or formation exploitation. 

It’s a big country with millions of wells.  See what’s on the map with Wellscape GIS:


  • Datasets delivered for ArcGIS, ESRI compatible platform
  • Life of well intelligence -  permits, spuds, rig release and production history
  • Covers US, Canada and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Available in NAD 27,  83 or WGS 84
  • Updated daily

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