U.S. Land Well Count

Every quarter RigData releases the U.S. Land Well Count. This complimentary report provides an insight into well counts, rig counts and wells per rig — broken out by play.


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The U.S. Land Well Count is a free quarterly census of the number of new onshore oil and gas wells that were spud in the U.S. It includes wells that are identified to be significant consumers of oilfield services and supplies.  (Wells categorized as workover, plugged and abandoned or completed are not included in this report.)

​Available in XLS format, U.S. Well Count utilizes over 30 years of relationships with rig operators and state data to provide the most accurate oilfield data for onshore activity.


Inside the RigData Well Count:


  • A summary of the current quarter by major U.S. plays
  • The ability to see variations from previous quarter to previous year
  • A detailed accountability of the US well count for each major play dating back to 2013
  • A calculation of US wells per rig by play and in total for the current period

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