Rigs & Drilling Analytical Report (RADAR)

Every week, RADAR analyzes the active land operators and drillers highlighting the trends and key activities at the major shale and unconventional formations.  And with segmenting data by play and geographical region, RADAR highlights the key players as they develop major upstream markets for hydrocarbons. Plus, you’ll get the details on operators, rigs, drilling efficiencies and development patterns.

RADAR provides you with useful business data including:

  • Insights into most recent drilling data and how it may affect you
  • Geographical data with active operator and plays involved
  • Developmental patterns on rig activity 
  • Drilling Market trends and how it affects companies large and small
  • Well types, trajectories and footage

**‘Reports are also available in excel format for those subscribers who value the ability to filter, organize and import data into their own systems.  These are offered in more than one format to include various data attributes to supplement report products.  By selecting the Excel delivery format you will be contacted by Customer Service to determine your needs and the various combinations of data we can offer.  These products are available at a price consistent with your usage, sharing and company size.




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