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Rig Utilization Remains Steady in the US Gulf of Mexico

  • Friday, October 5, 2018
  • Posted By Greg Tsichlis

Gulf of Mexico rig utilization rates

 Source: S&P Global Platts Gulf of Mexico Activity Report

Weekly Report Offers Insight Into Upstream Activity in the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Offshore



Total mobile rig utilization in the Gulf of Mexico remains the same this week at 50.8%, with 33 of 65 rigs under contract or committed for work. Utilization of the marketed rig fleet, which excludes cold stacked rigs and other rigs that are here but not marketed in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico holds steady as well at 80.5% with 33 of 41 units under contract.

Jackup total fleet utilization remains at 42.3%, with 11 of 26 units under contract. Marketed jackup utilization holds at 91.7% with 11 of 12 units under contract.

Floating rig total fleet utilization remains at 56.4%, with 22 of 39 units under contract. Marketed utilization holds at 75.9%, with 22 of 29 units under contract.

Total platform rig utilization is stable at 41.7%, with 15 of 36 units under contract. Marketed utilization continues to hold at 57.7%, with 15 of 26 units under contract.

Inland barge utilization drops to 11.4% with 5 of 44 units under contract. Marketed barge utilization drops as well to 17.9%, with 5 of 28 units under contract.


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