Locations & Operators Maps

These maps are designed for use with their corresponding RigData Locations & Operators report to give you all of the data behind each red “dot”.  The map is delivered in a PDF file format so you can zero in on the locations that are important to you. Using the numeric value in each mapped dot you can easily cross-reference that site to the RigData Locations & Operators report for complete drilling activity, location and operator information. Or print out the PDF at full scale as 11”x17” for an overview of the area. Maps are available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription to coincide with your regular reports.

What you'll find on the RigData Locations & Operators Maps:

  • List of all active oil and gas drilling locations in the selected area of coverage
  • Legal description (e.g., section, township and range)
  • Drilling contractor and rig number
  • Operator contact information
  • Well name, well number and API numbers
  • Well class (e.g., oil, gas, coalbed methane)
  • And more..

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