RigData Mobile

RigData Mobile™ is an interactive map application that displays the location and status of all working oil & gas drilling rigs in the United States - now at your fingertips. The information is drawn from RigData’s ongoing survey of drilling contractors and oil & gas operating companies and is updated daily.

What you'll find with RigData Mobile:


It is an essential tool for sales prospecting, trip routing with driving directions, viewing competitor’s activity and tracking rig availability and utilization.

Pick the regions you want, and select by key elements like operating company, spud (start) date, drilling contractor and rig. The immediate availability of timely and critical data displayed geographically fully exploits the strengths of the iPhone and Android platforms.

A full US version of RigData Mobile is also available for $75/month.


To order the full US version please contact customer service:
800-627-9785 or customerservice@rigdata.com


Step 1 - Select Operating System

Step 2 - Select Device

Step 3 - Select Billing Cycle

Step 4 - Select Region


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